RedBus (Ibibo Group) Acquires YourBus


UntitledAfter acquiring RedBus, India’s largest online booking website for approximately $135 Ibibo group has sealed another deal with the acquisition of, a GPS-based bus tracking and analytics platform for an undisclosed amount.Ibibo group plans to integrate these facilities of with its two other businesses namely RedBus and while the YourBus team will be going Ibibo group as a part of RedBus team.

“Our key motivation to acquire YourBus is to enhance passenger experience at and, whilst at the same time providing additional technologies and analytics to the Bus operators so as to increase their efficiencies in the marketplace. We are very excited to welcome Rajesh Mallipeddi and the other members of YourBus team to our group,” Ashish Kashyap, CEO of ibibo Group said in a statement as per Techcrunch.

As per the information of Techcrunch Rajesh Mallipeddi, Co-Founder of YourBus said in a statement that “We believe we can potentially take Live Bus Tracking to every bus in India and make it a de-facto feature to all bus passengers and operators. We will be able to leverage the bigger support/network of redBus to achieve this”.

It will be really interesting to see the usage of YourBus technology in India’s travel domain in coming years.

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