Renault’s Concept car with a Flying Drone on its Roof



Kwid is Renault’s new concept car first exposed at 2014 New Delhi Auto Expo. It is small SUV vehicle with modern designs and interiors. Renault thinks it would be suitable for Indian roads. This Concept car of Renault is filled with futuristic ideas from design to gears which is self evident in images below.


The interior of Renault Kwid

Everything about Renault Kwid was eye-catching but what stood out or to be precise “flew out” is the quadrocopter drone that launches from its roof. “The Flying Companion” is what Renault calls it. The Drone can be launched from the roof of Kwid and can be controlled manually by a tablet in the dashboard or it can fly autonomously ahead and warn about traffic in your routes or other blockages through live video shown on the tablet.

The video below shows the conceptualization of Kwid by Renault innovators.

The car’s interior is an unconventionally modern design. Renault Kwid sports two people with centrally positioned Steering wheel and tablet placed to its left. Say goodbye to Clutch pedal as it will be automatic gear transmission. For Kwid visualizes a front-wheel drive along with a 1.2-liter turbocharged engine by innovators at Renault.

The video below provides further information about the Flying Drone.

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