RUDR with I-Sensor technology


bharthRUDR part of Kiva Cyber Securities Pvt Ltd includes Site uptime /downtime monitoring, site check analysis , monitoring your site 24*7 ,reporting and patching your site whenever and wherever needed. The security works transparently and also can be centrally managed and monitored with the I-Sensor.

Bharath Kumar,  part time hacker converted into profession by realizing the need and necessity of security for the virtual society in 2009.He started IHC (Innovative Hackers Club), under A.P Police & C.I.D. HYDERABAD, B.Prasad Rao (I.P.S.), with a goal to secure the virtual world with his potential and knowledge. Later he founded Kiva Cyber Securities  on Nov 9th 2011 as per understanding the need of society for the VIRTUAL SECURITY.  To save time and money they came up with a tool which would be “A BIBLE “for the WEB SECURITY field, a solution for all your worries about your web security.

The journey started as a NGO Innovative Hackers Club. As IHC they tied up with AP Police Department of Hyderabad under R.S Praveen Kumar and provided Intensive training on Modern day cybercrimes to IT Core team of AP Police. Later they have been technical backbone for India’s first cyber awareness campaign Known as “DELETE”. In many scenarios they discovered need of their services in corporate field and established a privately company “Kiva Cyber Securities”. The concept behind this start-up is to protect the virtual world from the cyber-attacks and also protect the real world from various cyber-crimes

Since everyone realized revolution of ecommerce in India there is nothing much new to discuss in terms of their business. But along with growing business every individual ecommerce company have to focus on its security to secure their data and customers confidentiality, who are keeping their info by trusting brands. Interestingly 7 out of 10 ecommerce sites are vulnerable. Kiva Cyber Securities Pvt. Ltd have developed some methodologies and innovative product to fulfill this necessity .They have recently come up with a product RUDR , enhanced with I-Sensor technology suitable for all latest and old platforms with dedicated & compromising performance stands as the beginning of new era in the world of web application security. Defensive and aggressiveness nature  of RUDR can be better explained when we look into its integrated technologies .This includes Site uptime /downtime monitoring, site check analysis , monitoring your site 24*7 ,reporting and patching your site whenever and wherever needed.

The company’s domain itself is a rare one. People are not much aware of InfoSec and its implementation. Even if they are aware of it, many companies will to be ready to take risk and keep their data in hands of new players. Gaining trust and converting lead into customer is a big challenge especially in InfoSec.

They aimed to deliver Innovative Nex-Gen products in field of robotics and cyber security where India is lagging behind now. In next two years, three revolutionary products are going to come out from Kiva house. Further they are also planning to move from Kiva Cyber Securities Pvt.Ltd. to F8 Security Pvt.Ltd, with an initial starting of a NGO (F8 Cyber Crime Consultancy), helping A.P. Police Dept. and CID to solve many of cyber-crime related cases in majority in case of women harassments, eve teasing etc.They are also planning to launch a campaign called “ASTITVA”, which would be spreading awareness among women’s about how to deal and overcome the harassments teasing, playing safe in cyber world etc.

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