SAN switching gets a boost with Cisco MDS 9500 Series Supervisor-2A Module…

By | December 9, 2013

With the arrival of Cisco MDS 9500 series supervisor-2A module,it’s now possible to achieve a higher performance when you are working on a SAN switched networks. Thanks to cisco for coming up with this new generation scalable and multilayer switching solutions for the people working on Storage Area Network(SAN’s).

Powered with the Cisco SAN-OS the device provides integrated support for multiprotocol switching and routing on a large and scalable SAN network.The device comes with a support upto  528 fibre channel ports on a single chassis,1584 ports on a rack with an internal bandwidth of 1.4Tbps.

The combinational feature of the device allows it to provide further high bandwidth upto 2.2Tbps when it gets combined with Cisco MDS 9506 or MDS 9509 chassis.

One of the most interesting and important feature of the device is that it provides support to advanced FICON environments of upto 10Gbps including the FICON fabrics,VSAN intermix mainframes and open system environments.Untitled

Security,that has always been an issue over SAN’s has been taken care by Cisco while they introduced the MDS-9500 supervisor-2A module.The device extensively supports RADIUS and TACACS+ along with different fiber channel security protocols(FC-SP),Secure shell protocol(SSH) and simple network management protocol version 3(SNMPV3).The device uses Advanced Encrytion Standards(AES) for further enhanced security on SAN’s.

The crossbar  switching architecture makes the module a multilayer and multiprotocol enabled device, hence giving multiple transport protocols for easy working and better performance over SAN’s. The matrix switching can be controlled by an Ethernet or RS-232 serial connection by using a whole-house automation controller.

It’s well known that when we are talking of a SAN,the network problems are frequent and proper diagnostic tool is the first and the foremost requirement to overcome this issue.well, don’t worry!! If you are having MDS-9500, as the device is combined with advanced leading analysis and debugging tool.The MDS-500 series supervisor module provides integrated functions such as tracing route for the fibre channel in order to get the information of exact paths and the timing of flow.To monitor the network traffic the module is equipped with intelligent Switch Port Analyser(SPAN) and Remote Switch Port Analyser(RSPAN).

With the extensive scalability,security and high-end support the Cisco MDS-9500 series supervisor-2A module has enhanced the SAN switching scenario to a greater extent and thus taking off the worries for the SAN network to go down or to get into troubles often.The device is economically priced at $70 approximately and thus can be used by anyone who are in need for high performance SAN Switching.

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