Sixth Sense Device-Next gen device with the next gen thinking!!

By | December 23, 2013

UntitledIf you thought you have the best Smartphone in the market and that it has the latest of everything- all features, the latest operating system, the latest technology etc. you might be updated, but not for long. It gives me more than joy in Introducing a revolutionary device from a 1981 born Indian computer scientist, Pranav Mistry – the Head of the Think Tank Team and Director of Research of Samsung.

The device, a futuristic approach to next generation computing will not only enthrall users and leave them spellbound but would also rouse their interests to try out something different from what they are used to.

Such is the magic of this little device that you can use virtually any surface for dialing numbers- even your palm top- how’s that for a change? The device has a earphone used for listening and a microphone for catching out your voice. How about the fact that with the help of this device you can use a piece of paper for playing driving games or bike games? What if you could watch a movie on a newspaper as a screen?


And believe me it can get even more amazing as you can just use hand gestures to click pictures and you do not have to even keep your head lowered looking at a screen or keep one hand of yours occupied. ? Here’s something that would give you a little more insight:

Is it a complicated gadget?

The answer is a big no. The device simply consists of a neck worn pendant that contains a camera and a data projector. First hand version was built at the MIT Media lab in 1997 that combined interactive photographic art and gesture recognition.

Bridging the gap between

Sixth sense is a kind of extra information supplied by a wearable computer device called “WuW” or “Wear Your World” which is built on the concept of a telepointer. We perceive information through our senses. It helps us make decisions.  We read through and make decision based on the data accumulated over the years which is available online. Although the conversion of the computing devices helps us carry them in our pockets keeping us connected to the digital world, there is no link between our digital devices and interactions with the physical world.


Sixth Sense device does exactly that. It helps to bridge the gap between the two worlds- bringing intangible digital information to tangible and helps us use it by natural hand gestures to be able to perceive and make use of it. It seamlessly integrates us with reality by freeing information from its confines.

No wonder the world is shrunk and the magic of the digital world integrating with the physical world will soon be seen and felt with such gadgets making way for a new revolution.

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