Skype shores claim user information safe in SEA attack

By | January 4, 2014

Skype, an instant calling and messaging service developed by Microsoft was the latest victim of SEA attack (Syrian Electronic Army). The SEA is a group an organized hackers supported by Syrian President Bashar Assad, they hacked Twitter Facebook accounts of Skype and blog of Skype.


They tweeted discourages messages about using Microsoft mails. The tweet was as follows “Don’t use Microsoft emails (Hotmail, outlook), they are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments. More details soon. #SEA”. Within two hours the tweet was removed and the account was reclaimed but it gave enough window to send several messages.

 The SEA deceivingly claimed the White House had been bombed and President Barack Obama had been injured by hacking the Associated Press Twitter account on 23 April 2013. New York Times, Huffington Post, Truecaller, Viber are also victims of SEA attack.

The information leaked by Edward Snowden, former US Intelligence contractor revealed that Skype was a part of NSA programme to keep track of people and their communication through internet giants in US. Following the incident there was several protests on government spying on people.

 ”We recently became aware of a targeted cyber attack that led to access to Skype’s social media properties, but these credentials were quickly reset,” a Skype spokesperson said on Thursday. “No user information was compromised.

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