SPA-TA1- A High Powered Lens for Sony Tab


Remember Sony QX100 and QX10, their high powered lenses cum cameras for their smartphones. Well the Sony Tab users were disappointed at that time when they were left out.

Good news for them. SPA-TA1 is a high powered lens for the Sony Tabs and they provide some ground breaking power to their cameras. It comes with variable arm sizes that range from 85-110 mm in length. Their camera type lenses covers all Sony tablets, from the Xperia Z Ultra to the Sony Vaio Tap 11.

The QX100 cost around $249 while the much high powered QX10 came for around $499. Xperia Blog reveals that SPA-TA1 will be made available from April 4, 2014 in Japan at a  retail price of 3675 Yen, that roughly estimates to $36.

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