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Watch Out: N.S.A Might Be Peeking In Your Computer


The N.S.A i.e. National Security Agency has planted surveillance software in about 100,000 computers around the world including India as per New York Times. This will allow U.S to conduct surveillance and also provide a pathway for cyber attacks. The technology used by N.S.A enables them to enter and alter data in the computer even if you […]

Yahoo’s News Digest App Goes Live..


CES, 2014 which is currently underway in Las Vegas is seeing some very interesting announcements to thrill the tech-world and end-users alike.  Yahoo has announced the launch of the News Digest app which claims to present readers with “all the stories you need to know about” by delivering two daily briefings of eight to nine […]

Skype shores claim user information safe in SEA attack


Skype, an instant calling and messaging service developed by Microsoft was the latest victim of SEA attack (Syrian Electronic Army). The SEA is a group an organized hackers supported by Syrian President Bashar Assad, they hacked Twitter Facebook accounts of Skype and blog of Skype. They tweeted discouraging messages about using Microsoft mails. The tweet […]