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Youtube Rewind 2013


What do A Norwegian Army Dance Troupe. An Epic Split. The Fox. And a Rap Battle with an 18th century Austrian composer have in common? These are all elements of pop culture that marked this year. Did you check out the dancing fox next to you tube logo? Clicking on it takes you to Youtube Rewind […]


charlie's birthday 001

An unequivocal statement that can be made about the approbation that it has received from the elements of the social order bonding people across the world, making it look smaller and gregarious is that- “It has indeed been adept at making people reach the acme of being gregarious”. I believe- “If you feed a man […]

Social Media Marketing: An Aid to Business Growth or A Curse?


Social Media marketing refers to the use of social media to complement an organization’s integrated marketing strategy. With the internet wave there was a new channel for firms to communicate with customers but the advent of social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn etc has increased both the potential reach and impact […]