A picture is worth a thousand words. Who doesn’t like to click pictures? In this fast moving world of rush and run, grab and gear it is often important to capture some moments that become precious for us throughout our lives and it needs the right kind of timing and decision making to make the best out of the one moment. In this gadget freaky world where innovation and possibilities are growing leaps and bounds, it is really important enough that we know about these special ones which can bend the curve for us.

Have you ever landed up in a situation where you wanted a bird’s view of the object or place you want to capture? Doesn’t that occur commonly to us? While most gadgets fail here there is however one that can make that difference to come true.


The zipper hydrogen balloon camera is one such gadget which is not only amazing but simple and cost effective but has ease of operation and programmability incorporated into it. The camera operates on hydrogen gas being made out of water in a docking station.

UntitledThe camera can be rotated at full 270 degrees and you can do that while it is in flight mode. You can program using a 3D computer program and control it via a smart phone.


Ion lets you capture your best moments on the hill without frozen fingers, monkey framings or crazy cameraman. ION clear goggle gives you picture at 8 mega pixels and at 1080 HD. Not only that you can share your pictures using from anyplace in the world. Apart from all this it also has an in goggle view finder on the click of a button. It has a 170 degrees rotation and is light and easy to carry around.


An easy way of clicking pictures-nothing better than that except if you are fond of showing off in front of your friends. Well if you are the one I mention about then I have something interesting to show you. The glasses I refer to you about are the fuuvi-megane glasses for the hipster photographer.


Well it’s as cool as this- it’s like a glass which is to be worn around the neck like a hipster carrying it around.  You can be all cool about it and suddenly when you want to click a picture you can bring it near the face and zoop a picture is clicked!!

Now you must be wondering what is so great about the device?  Well here’s your answer. It captures 2048×1536 pixel stills and NTSC quality video. Well isn’t that quality of a picture with this kind of a cool device worth showing off.


Now what if you want to click pictures all effort free? You do not want to move your hands also. Can it be done? You just think and you get a picture for yourself. Wouldn’t that be great or wouldn’t’t even amazing undermine it. Well this is exactly what the next device has to offer.


Well the credit for this revolutionary brain mapping device goes to the Japanese designers working at the Neurowear who have successfully created this amazing device.

It completely hands free device wearable like a headset which is able to scan the user’s bran activity and emotions. An iPhone is attached to it for picking up signals called ‘interest’ signals. Based on this the camera can capture a picture or a five second clip.

Well the camera is in conception stage but how I wish it were complete.  Nothing would make it more amazing to have captured all those wonderful moments based on my brain activity which I would otherwise have to regret not having captured.

The very thought of this revolutionary device places in our minds the fact that the day is not far when our gadgets would get linked to our emotions and behavioural patterns. We would be living a next gen life based on a world of gadgets which will understand us and our emotions and give us the amazing experience of living our lives more completely and those happy moments at the blink of a thought.

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Priyo Ranjan

The author is an ex-employee of Infosys and he is currently pursuing MBA from Xavier’s Institute Of Social Service (XISS).