The Startup Rush


TheStartupAdventure_CMYKIt is fashionable to be a founder or a co-founder these days. The start-up trend of Silicon Valley has crossed the Pacific and is gaining waves all over India. Nasscom’s 10000 start-ups program couldn’t have been better timed. Good news? Well, not so!

While a growing entrepreneurial culture is good for any nation, I would like to highlight an area of concern in our particular case – the profile of the new co-founder- A fresher.

Young graduates these days are almost under peer pressure to start on their own. I am not advising everyone to play cautious here, but look at the number of successful dropouts/freshers out there. You can count them on fingers. For every Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, there are thousands who failed.

I agree the young minds have fresh ideas but building a cool app and developing a company are completely different things. Even Steve Jobs failed, was thrown out of his own company. Mark Zuckerberg was lucky to have Sean Parker on his side (who himself failed twice trying to build a company).

They say the real test of a person is how he responds when he fails. Most of these young aspirants have so far had a smooth ride in their lives, good schooling, and good grades. But life in a startup isn’t all hunky dory. What happens when you run out of cash to pay salaries, what happens when your only customer leaves you? Some of these hurdles are going to be the first point of failures for these young guns, are they prepared mentally and financially to handle them.

Running a company requires a lot of skills which are best learnt in a big corporate. Skills like recruitment, team building, motivation, customer retention, and mining as opposed to hunting can easily be acquired working a few years in a corporate job.

Most common profile among successful entrepreneurs is not early 20s but late 30s having spent early years learning on the job.

Just like the advice of Rich Dad (from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad) after Robert’s graduation – get a job.

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Varun Arya

The author holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from IIM Rohtak and is currently associated with Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore as Senior Business Analyst.

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