Top 5 Windows Phone Apps

By | December 2, 2013

There are many reasons to make the switch to Windows phone, first of all Lumia phones are beautiful, live tiles is amazing and apparently Windows platform is the most secure mobile platform in the market , preloaded office suite to name a few.

However, a lot of people still hesitate to choose a Windows device because of lack of apps, this widely held belief is changing and we are here to help you out. If you’re thinking about buying a windows phone or are looking for some apps to add to your device, we have brought a list of top 5 must have apps for windows phone:

1) WhatsApp: whatsapp

With the reports of WhatsApp surpassing

Facebook as the preferred messenger this

social messaging app has reached another

milestone and is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

While, free for first year the app charges

$0.99/year after that.

2) NextGen Reader:nextgen

This fast, clean and beautiful RSS reader should be

a must have on any list for Windows phone apps.

There is an unlimited ad-free trial  moreover, this feedly

client is entirely customizable.

This is easily one of the best reader clients and costs

$1.99, worth every penny.

3) MetroTube:metrotube

Easily one of the best YouTube apps for Windows phone,

so much so that it is #1 top-rated YouTube app on

marketplace. Though, the free trial is unlimited

and unrestricted you can buy it for just

$0.99. A must-have for your Windows phone.

4)  SkyDrive:

Windows Phone has built-in access to SkyDrive,skydrive

this app for Windows Phone makes it even easier

to manage and share files, all in one place.

It can also automatically upload pictures that

you take to SkyDrive for easy access.

Another similar app is Filebox, a Drop Box client

which should find a place on your list.


Gives a beautiful, clean, fast, and easy interface tobaconit

Reddit. Easily the best Reddit app for

Windows phone marketplace,supports reddit profile,

lets you quickly browse information, has live

tiles and baconsync,message inbox and endless

scrolling with multiple account support make it a

must have for your list. Though, there are options like

ReadIt, this is easily the best free app for Reddit out there.

There are many other apps including the usual like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, UC Browser to others like Tune In, Kik messenger, Accu Weather, Camera360 etc.

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