Top Start-up acquisition in 2013!!

By | December 28, 2013

“You fly high or you sigh” is true for start ups being led and nurtured by entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur fuels a start up with an idea and with most of his resources. Having spent a huge amount of his thinking power and his resources why would an entrepreneur want to accept the idea of an acquisition.

Well, while it is emotionally not very acceptable but the idea of moving in a Mercedes is always better than moving in a Maruti 800. Well that’s the reason they do it- for the overall benefits associated with the idea of the acquisition process. Some do it as a part of their passion, some for the money and some believe in making a quick start drying out and then starting it all over again.

Some of the major highlights of the 2013 stories of mergers and acquisitions of Indian companies are as follows:

Sl. No.

Startup Acquirer


Red Bus iBibo Group


Gawbl TimesCity


Bitzer Mobile Oracle group


PlusTxt One97


Hubbl Airpush


Get Cloud Ready Aditi Technologies

An acquisition happens when a parent company sees a value addition by acquiring a child company what we call as a start up. So let’s have a look.

Story about Start Up and the reason for being acquired. 

Red-Bus-Logo1Red Bus founded on an idea by the BITS Pilani alumni Phanindra Sama, Sudhakar Pasupunuri and Charan Padmaraju. The idea which they had got from an experience that Phanindra had in the winter of 2005 in Bangalore. During Diwali he could not get tickets to go home due to the heavy traffic and could not even book return tickets. This simple experience gave him this idea which he shared and laid the foundation of India’s biggest online ticketing service based company. In June 2013  Ibibo Group, a joint venture of South Africa’s Naspers and China’s Tencent acquired RedBus.


 Gawbl was acquired by TimesCity group. For those who have not heard or do not know about it let me tell  you that Gawbl is a food suggester. It assists you on your decision based on your mood. It is launching on  Android and iPhone will follow up soon.

Untitled Bitzer mobile, a provider of mobile application management solutions that allows  organizations to provide employees access to corporate data and applications from their  mobile devices was acquired by Oracle. This is done to address the security related  problems associated with bringing your own device, a  business term BYOD. It will be a  core component of Oracle’s mobile security strategy.

UntitledPlusTxt is a text messaging app customized for Indian languages. It allows fast texting in any Indian language. It is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Malyalam, Kannada. One97 Communications, a mobile Internet services firm has acquired the Bangalore based PlusTxt Mobile Solutions, a multi-lingual texting platform for around 20 Crores, a mix of cash and equity.

 UntitledHubbl, a company that aims to reinvent Native advertising was acquired by Airpush for 15 million$. The whole idea is to combine Hubbl’s personalized native ads technology and Airpush ecosystem with its 120000 mobile apps to create a native,new advertising platform for the mobile domain.


Aditi Technologies  acquired Get Cloud Ready, a Hyderabad-based consulting startup which enables individuals and businesses get ready for cloud computing which was founded by cloud specialist Janakiram MSV.

Acquisition is meant for value addition. So let us wait and watch if these companies are able to derive the benefit out of these start ups and make it big in the business world.

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