Track Physical Activity With Technology – KIWI MOVE


Lately, wearable tech has been on main focus and being developed into next level by tech developers. Kiwi Move seems to be in a constant effort to stay in forefront in that race. Kiwi Wearable Technologies’ latest development Kiwi Move is a multi-use activity tracker that is designed to replace similar devices with single function and enhance the use of wearable.UntitledKiwi Move is a Internet–enabled device that is specially designed to perform functions like tracking physical activities, controlling your Internet devices at home which are common functions of the activity measuring wearable adding to these it features dictating recipes while cooking, keeping shopping list updated. The Kiwi Move analyzes the behavior and performance of the wearer and suggests improvement in those activities for instance swinging of a bat for a cricket or baseball player.

“The Kiwi Move is our vision for the future of wearable tech, as we look to make single-function devices a thing of the past,” said Ali Nawab, Kiwi’s chief executive officer. “We believe that wearable tech products should be multi-functional –- one Kiwi Move, many apps.”

Kiwi Move survives progressive five days with its battery life. It is also compatible with devices supported by Android and iOS.

The Kiwi Move is available for pre-order at a promotional price of $99, and will begin to ship out in July.

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Aghil Prasannan

The author is blogger, business enthusiast and currently pursuing Bachelors in Mass Media.