Whats App- The Victorious Messenger


You own a smartphone, you are on whatsapp. Nowadays, anyone who is not on whatsapp is seen with a wary eye. Since its advent in 2009 by founder Jan Koum, also the CEO, it has never seen a decline in its user quantity ever.

After this information, it does not surprise the reader that currently, Whatsapp has around 430 million users worldwide. Big deal! The eye popping piece of information comes now. In April 2013, that is just 8 months ago, it was 200 million. That means in less than a year, it has more than doubled its user base.

Whatsapp processes 50 billion texts, media and contacts sent on this software across all platforms worldwide. Whatsapp does not charge its customers, neither does it gives advertisements and yet, this level of fame in the social media world is unprecedented.

In the presence of other instant messaging services like BBM, line, viber, WeChat and Snapchat, whatsapp has emerged single handedly victorious. Their regular updates for all platforms (windows, blackberry, iOS, etc) makes this software never stagnant.

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