Why do you have to click to activate plugins in new Firefox 26?

By | December 12, 2013

New Firefox 26 release has brought about some changes to the open source browser including Click to Play turned on by default for all Java plugins, seamless updates on Windows, and a new Home design for Android. Now out of all these let us talk about Click to Play and why it is important,first some background:

Originally, the Click to Play revamp was supposed to be for all versions of all plugins, except latest Flash however, right now this is just for Java which means Firefox now only loads Java plugins when users click to interact with them.Till now Java was automatically loaded whenever a site requested however now, Firefox will only load it when you click it to make it play.Here is how it works:

  • When firefox blocks a plugin you will see this message:
  • Blocked pluginYou can now choose to either play the plugin or check for updates.
  • If you choose to play it the plugin will load smoothly however, you will have to do it again next time you load the page.
  • Now if you choose to update the plugin and an update is available:plugin
  • You will now be taken to Plugin Check page where you can update out-of-date plugins.

However, it can be very annoying if you trust the site and don’t want to click every time you load content on it so,If you are using a trusted site,you can set the plugin to run automatically while using the site.

  • Click the red plugin icon in the address bar and window will open.
  • In the message panel, click “Allow and Remember”

Activate Plugin

Now, every time you visit the site plugin will automatically load and you won’t have to click anything to play.

This will not only help increase Firefox performance and stability, but will also be useful as a prevention mechanism against drive-by attacks targeting plugins that are known to be vulnerable.

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