Why there should be emergence of more Women Entrepreneurs?


“You feed a man you feed him for the day, you teach him to fish you feed him for life you teach a woman you feed a family”. Well, as the little extended saying above clearly states that women have the power to change the course of a whole family. A women entrepreneur goes well in context to the idea and the notion of being not only beneficial to themselves would be beneficial for the whole family and even to the whole society as they form the very backbone of what our present and future rests upon.

Here’s a piece in a TED-S talk about women entrepreneurs:


The need for upcoming women entrepreneurs is evident from the fact that women not only steer themselves up the ladder but the next generation as well is fuelled up to the next level. Nonetheless the cart of a nation can only move towards sustainable development if both the wheels are balanced and equal- a conceptual notion but as correct as it can be.

Women are also having that extra perseverance and talent besides having the ability to connect well to others. Women can understand both men and women better than what only men can do and hence have more chances of exploring that market potential.

Business needs sustainability, profits and the ability to sell. They have that strength and the charm to sell things, to market that thing with little grace and pleasant smiles that can make them more successful and easy to go ahead as compared to men.

Women being comparatively less egoistic as compared to men as per studies also have that knack of flexibility required. Women can accept their mistakes and step back if need be as compared to men who usually try to drive their way through. A little help and touch of their kind words can instil trust and inspiration in the minds of the people they work around with.

It is known that “You grow in the company of women and you learn differently as you are best behaved”. Women entrepreneurs have a strategic advantage of creating that extra aura of significant belongingness that besides being professional you feel like a family, like someone you need and want to work for, someone you would like to be kept beaming and smiling and you grow with them. Women are also significantly good at recognising the hard work and efforts put down by others and believe in strongly rewarding acts of faith.

 What matters is that we need to break all niches for ego-dominated beliefs and stage a fair chance for men and women alike for in the corporate and business firms as the only parameter that matters is the ability and the commitment you can prove for getting good profitable, sustainable business and profits irrespective of who you are, where you from or what gender you might belong to!

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Priyo Ranjan

The author is an ex-employee of Infosys and he is currently pursuing MBA from Xavier’s Institute Of Social Service (XISS).