Windows 9- Rumors to be named “Threshold”..


One of the most rumored Windows 9 aka ‘Threshold’ to be launched in 2015. Though the official announcement is yet to come according the revelations made by technology blogger Paul Thurrott it can be assumed the successor of Windows 8 will have distinctive and major changes. The official announcement is to be made in April at Build 2014 developer conference.


Image by Jerry Japenin

Windows 8 response was not as satisfying as expected from consumer response to Window XP and Winows7. Microsoft is working on an update for Windows8. The distinctive and major changes in features and the Windows8 sale issues may be summed up to assume the reason for name ‘Threshold’ creating a distance from Windows8.

After Windows8.1 update soon Windows8.2 the ‘Update 2’ will hit us before Windows 9. Windows 9 is rumoured to work in PC, Tablets and Phones. Windows 9 aka Threshold can also be expected with better changes featuring major ideas from Microsoft’s Cloud computing and storage.

The rumored features and consumer response only indicates Windows8 wasn’t a complete failure and Windows9 may receive a warm welcome in market in 2015. Whatever it be, Windows9 aka Threshold will play vital role to decide the fate Microsoft’s in Operating Systems.

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