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27coupons.com is a discount coupons, offers and deals sharing portal that displays discount coupons, offers, promotions and deals to retail buyers. Discount coupons of 800+ stores27coupons.com are currently provided on 27coupons.comand the number is increasing everyday. 27coupons.com is owned by Diffion Consulting LLP which was founded by Saurabh Sudhir and Nrupal Das. Saurabh and Nrupal are alumni of NIT Japiur and had a dream of starting their own company right from college days but everything fell into place in 2010 after they had worked, went for higher studies but still the yearning for working on their own ideas never left them. Nrupal worked with Capgemini for some time, quit the company and co-founded Diffion whereas Saurabh worked for Hero Honda, did his Masters at The University of Adelaide and then co-founded Diffion. Here is a small conversation:

What was the idea behind starting the venture?

27coupons was started with an idea of helping people save money while they shop online. Both Nrupal and I had been online shoppers for around 4 years before we started 27coupons.com. We had bought products, used online coupons, fought with customer care services, wrote long emails to managers and directors of online companies to improve service and product offerings. We had done it all before we decided to start a website where we collate all the best offers and coupons of Indian market and let users have them for free. It was just a simple idea of gathering information, making it accessible and distributing it efficiently.

Please brief us about your business model, revenue model and offerings?

We gather details of coupons and offers from around 800 eCommerce stores of India. We curate the offers, test them and then display them in our website with a very easy to use format with all important information regarding its usage, quite easily accessible. We generate revenues from online display ads and from affiliate commission from our partner eCommerce stores. Our offerings are getting the best coupons, offers or deals across the Indian market for our customers.

What is your current focus and plans for target market?

The following three are our key current focus and plans for our target market.

1)     Improve the quality of coupons and offers available on our website

2)     Increase our reach across India through various online mediums including social media channels, mobile apps as well as increasing our website reach.

3)     Engaging with content providers and content distributors for higher access to our target user group.

How are you planning to escalate your business?

We are continuously trying to escalate our business by tying up with new partners, encouraging user engagement and direct referrals by them, increasing our reach through mobile users. Building new alliances has given us great benefits and we plan to keep on doing that with increased vigour.

How big is India, as a market, for your business? What is the number of users currently?

India is a fairly big market for us and we plan to remain focused on India without moving into any other geography in short to medium term. We currently have more than 50,000 registers users with us and we are constantly trying to increase the same.

What are the challenges and your strategy to overcome them?

Continuously improving and building a team, faster execution of our plans and working of some of our identified weakness are our challenges.We are counteracting increased competition with innovation and efficiency in our existing operation. We are continuously analyzing the situation, evaluating the best possible solutions and working on them. We are happy with the results our team has been able to get in all these years.

Among such big players in the market, how to you intend to compete and what are your strategies?

Big players have scale we have nimbleness. Faster decision making process, innovation in all spaces possible and differentiating between essentials and non-essentials and working on them are our key strategies.

What has been your learning so far as a company?

You will surely do mistakes when you try new things. Do things quickly so that you can get over your mistakes quickly and move ahead. Belief in team and your ideas always helps in long terms.

What are your future plans?

We are planning to become top 3 in whichever sector we enter. A financially profitable start up giving good returns to all its stake holders is our long term plan. We plan to bring a tectonic shift in the way Indian users have been using coupon platform in sometime.

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