Are You Using Extensions In Google Chrome? Be Alert !!


bdf1bc0d768090d1894d4e966ecd1c8fGoogle Chrome, the most used and trusted browser worldwide has its own share of bad luck. It has been on hackers’ target for a long time and recently it was affected too. There were some plug-in made available on chrome that made pop-ups available on any and all pages, including the Google homepage that prides in being ad-free.

Linus Upson, Google’s VP said in a blog a few days ago that in case of a hacker attack, Google Chrome will make its users aware of it and advise them to revert back to their original settings. On doing so, all the add-ins will be uninstalled automatically.

Thus, Google is now trying to make Chrome much safer than ever before. Also, it advises people to download extensions only after carefully checking their sources.

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