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Bookkida was launched on 31st September 2014 with the aim of helping student community to fulfil their needs. They are starting up with two important categories which are primary requirements of every students, Good notes and Books. Sidharth, founder of Bookkida recalls” when I was a student, I used to skip classes and failed to maintain my notes. 85% of students in my university had the same issue. Before 10 days of exam we searched for good notes and it was a complete mess. Some students failed to score good marks following unreliable notes. So me and my friends came up with this idea to make a reliable source where students can submit their needs and we fulfil their needs”. Currently Bookkida is restricted to five major colleges of Orissa. They are

  • KIIT University
  • SOA University
  • CET Bhubaneswar
  • NIT Rourkela
  • IIIT Bhubaneswar


They will expand to other colleges with popularity and other services which they are ideating and developing. Their website is not flashy. Visitors coming to their website will not get confused as they have kept it very simple with a Minimum Viable Model. They will be generating revenues from each sale of notes and books and advertisements. Now, they are hiring students across these campus to collect notes and mange things in their campus and make Bookkida’s aim and vision reach each and every student of the university.

Before starting up Bookkida, Sidharth along with his Co-founders Kishan Mishra, Ankit Tripathy and Vishwanath Krishna started-up a start-up and social media blog. Sidharth recalls “whatever we learnt we shared with people. We never thought of becoming an entrepreneur, we just loved to make things and discussed creative ideas to make life easier.” It is true that you can connect the dots looking backwards. Winning the Webit Expo 2013, Istanbul with world rank 3 was a big motivation for Bookkida to start something cool. This is a start to a risky but daring journey.

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