Communication gets faster with FRITZ!Box 7490

Germany’s leading communication company AVM has recently released its new VDSL wireless router named as AVM-FRITZBOX 7490.With the new router its easy for us to get a high speed network connection over a DSL line. The device supports ultra fast speed of 1300 Mbits/s on a wireless network With 4 x gigabit LAN for the network and 2 x USB 3.0/2.0 for printers and storage media.


FRITZBOX!7490 device support (Source:

The new features added to the device is the options for setting the parental control which enhances the level of security, calls can be made to the smartphones directly with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity and even one can synchronize all the contacts easily. All these new features are supported by AVM’s own operating system named as FRITZ!OS which is like the one as Cisco’s IOS.

Moreover the device has flexible support with easier configurations for different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and MAC OS.

Looking over the DECT(Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications / Digital European Cordless Telecommunications) part, its possible for us to make three calls over DECT simultaneously and also there is a provision for DECT encryption along with a firewall, well !! That’s good enough to secure your network I hope!!

Also one can access files over the network easily with the help of  FRITZ!NAS which provides a user friendly browser based access and the media servers distributes music, videos and pictures to the receivers who are capable enough like SMB, UPnP Av etc. And the users never have to worry for a secure remote connection because the device provides a convenient and reliable remote access over internet through VPN. No worries if you are away, as the device support 5 answering machines featuring voice to mail. The router allows your guests and friend have its access easily with its wireless hotspot feature.

Well, with so many features incorporated in a single router I think its worth having one. And people!! No worries for the router security updates as its absolutely free and regular.

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The author is a gadget lover and works with Accenture as Network Engineer.