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1Vaibhav Sisinty and Vineet Ganti two third year engineering students who bring with them curosity, intelligence, innovation and enthusiam decided and started their own venture named “CrazyHeads “. CrazyHeads (or) CrazyHeadSoultions (or) CHS is now is 11 months old and running successfully. Initially, it had just a couple of people but now it’s running with a team of 32 students from all over the country.

It is one of those few start-ups in the world which is recognized by Microsoft and it’s also called a Microsoft Bizspark Start-up. The sheer determination and dedication shown by the team led them to the title of “Vishakhapatnam’s Best Emerging Start-up”. The CEO, VaibhavSisinty, has been awarded with ” SAMGlobal Youth award” by SAMGlobal, an international organisation like TED. The startup has an exquisite client portfolio with diverse fields and works which was worth appreciated. 

The venture deals into webdesigning & development, brand identity , graphic and print designing , SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing, online marketing ,animated explanations, app development.

Vaibhav & Vineet said,  “Creativity is contagious and outrageous“, we believed that we could do something different and out of the box. Creativity and Improvisation is our key ingredient for our lip smacking recipe. Whenever a work comes up to us, we call the whole team, sit down and shout our ideas loud enough that everyone present there can hear it . And when that little heart listens to these ideas, it pumps up the adrenaline and moves the work in a symphony of different instruments like the Designing Team (Designers Den), The Content Management Team (Mad about Content Team), The marketing Team (Marketing Mojos) and The R&D (Baap).

One of the main motto of CrazyheadS is training passionate students with the latest trend of technologies giving them the right push ant the right time, leave them with a spark, and they soar high. With motivated brains, most of them joined the venture and did live projects which boosted up their profile and clients get innovative solutions because the ideas comes from young brains. With this small concept in mind, Crazyheads trained around 45 students for around 3 months and now, they do the work better which clearly reflects on the portfolio.

CrazyheadS doesn’t have an office yet, all the operations of CrazyHeadS are managed from the science activity center of GITAM UNIVERSITY, Vizag. The web designing part is taken up by engineering students who are energetic and passionate. When it comes to stuff like online marketing, the marketing strategies are designed by BBM and MBA who are interested to work on marketing pursuing students, and execution technically is again done by engineering and degree students.

Business development and marketing is again taken care by students pursuing their BBM and MBA. The legal stuff is taken care by students pursuing LLB with help of faculties and even the accounting is done by a student who has recently cleared his CA along with a guy who is pursuing his CS too. So, every aspect of it is taken care by students of different fields and  they are trying to open this in different places in India so that students get a amazing experience of working for a company while they are already pursuing their education.

Now CarzyHeads team has 32 members from fields of studies and is present is in 3 places now – Vizag, Hyderabad, Berhampur (Orissa). They are also trying to start it in Chennai, Vellore and Bhubaneswar from the next academic year. In less than a year’s time, CrazyHeadS has managed to create a lot of hype and awareness among entrepreneurship.

Apart from all these, VaibhavSisinty has come up with a unique idea product idea called Fotisto( ). It is a community of photographers. It is a great platform for photographers who put up their profile over the fotisto’s listing and the customers will have a choice of picking the right kind of photographer whether a wedding one, or for events etc and the right budget ranging all prices and can book him instantly over the web. Another initiative which was recently taken up was to start an NGO called Spread Smile. When a user buys a product from an e-commerce website, he will be donating a small amount of money to Spread Smile. And what Spread Smile do here is that they take all this money and help the poor, the needy, orphans, old people and all other who are witnessing the ugly face of poverty. They are currently coming up and planning this initiative step by step.

Thus the two heads shared a unique and un matched relationship from their 1st year in engineering. They started off with robotics in and then created their 1st fully functioning website, an android geek portal. Later on they made several individual accomplishments before they founded a start-up. Whatever they thought that they should do, they always took the initiative. They made sure they made an attempt before anything. Because, an attempt costs nothing but curiosity and enthusiasm. They had that thing loaded in their minds every day, each moment. Even now, as they stumble upon daily problems, they always find an innovative way to get out of it.

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