Cubito: Pooled Cabs at Half The Price

UntitledPranay Agrawal, 22 a chemical engineer from BITS Pilani but unlike many 22 yr old does not work for an MNC rather he is the founder and CEO of Cubito. In the final year of  graduation at BITS Pilani, Pranay and one of his  friend realized the problem faced by every single working person in India and abroad of commuting hassles. With the growing trend of one cab per person the solution was there but was unaffordable to majority of the population. They thought of an idea that it would be great if people travelling to similar or close by destinations can share a cab, it will help to get rid of their daily travel hassles and for once afford a service which is comfortable, convenient, trustworth, safe and  is a door to door solution, why not do it !! There started their attempts to simplify daily commutation for the working class of the country so that they can concentrate on work while they take care of their travel.  

Cubito is designed to help any one who commutes daily to work and struggles with it. They provide shared cabs to individuals at half the auto rates while focusing on solving the daily employee transportation problems for enterprises. One of a kind algorithm and in-house built software working in sync with their attached fleet enables enterprises ranging from SME’s to multinationals to BPO’s to simplify their enormous task of daily “Employee transport”. Exploiting the available technology and making it do the work rather than they cracking their heads at it. Simple clicks, automated systems enable enterprises to run their employee transport almost unmanned.  Majority of the working class cannot afford a radio cab daily to work and back. While they use radio cabs for casual purpose, Cubito helps them for a far more intense and regular daily commute hassles. 

Cubito-ScenarioLike every startup even Pranay faced and infact is facing  his share of challenges. Cab industry still happens to be a very unorganized sector with hundreds of vendors and drivers working under no organized body. Chaos defines this area. Settling chaos here is one of the biggest challenges. Ensuring every single customer of your is satisfied remains the primary and the most difficult challenge for any enterprise. Whole point of Cubito venture is simplicity and comfort of commute. TO achieve perfection there is a huge task. 

Pranay plans to ensure that Daily commute in India, to begin with Bangalore, followed by more cities, becomes a piece of cake. Using their technology and services individuals can save money, time, energy. While the enterprises can can completely offload a great responsibility on to  Cubito. While they make sure the employees reach workUntitled fresh and give their 100% at work. 

Cubito has a dedicated team of 6 people with every member playing a key role based in banaglore. Pranay Agrawal and Yash patodia leading the team to the ventures vision of making daily commute simple, easy and no longer an activity that drains you more than your actual work. 
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