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FoundersErobern Events is an event solutions company founded by Vishal Sonawane aged 21 & perusing Bachelors’ in Chemical Engineering & Srini C, a environmental science student. They mainly cater to college and sports events. They work through a network of student ambassadors and volunteers that they have in colleges across Mumbai. Recently, they have started moving into event creation. They pitch event ideas to companies, which would be useful for their publicity, and with their approval they execute these events. They offer services which includes Printing, Designing, Production, Logistics, Celeb management, Catering, Mobile Media Marketing, Merchandising and Branding on packaged drinking water bottles.

The basic ideology of providing various services, all under one roof is their ultimate selling point. Generally, people hire different local contractors that not only increase the already confusion and tension but, also it digs a deeper hole in one’s pocket. Since the whole Erobern team is still in college learning different professional courses, they understand the mindset of a college event or festival organizer, which are their major service users, better than most of their competitors and hence they are able to cater to their requirements and needs efficiently.Erobern benefits by cutting middlemen and keeping the costs low. They also help in digital promotions. 

Core Team

 The initial cost of getting the official company status came from the savings of the founders, while the set up expenses were funded by the money donated to them by their well wishers, who wanted to see the company grow. Besides this, they are now being funded by the fees they charge for the different services which includes designing, printing, catering, audio-visuals, logistics and celebrity management they charge from their customers.

Vishal and Srini are also working on a smart phone app for college event organizers. Their ultimate goal is to be a leading solution provider for college fests across Mumbai by 2015, which is pretty achievable given the amount of hard work that goes in by the entire team.Sky is the Limit for these guys !!

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