Essential Things You Should Stop Doing With Your  Website


Nowadays every business entity has their own website which represents their virtual existence on the web. Having a domain is not a big deal anymore; anyone can get their business website designed by spending a couple of thousand bucks. But are you aware about the Dos and Don’ts and other etiquette of website posting?

In these upcoming para’s I’ll try and enlighten you with what all you must do and must not do while Operated or monitoring your websites in order to enhance your site traffic or to precisely engage with your audience.

A couple of essential things are –

Do not post pitiful content: 
Instead of posting lengthy and unengaging content in order to load your web page with tons of articles, it is always realistic to post shorter but precise content instead.

Do not use watermarked images: 
People many a times make this mistake; they simply pick any random image from image stock market and post it on their sites. I have often observed this activity particularly on educational sites. So always keep in mind that the image you are using – it should connect with your content without the risk of plagiarism.

Do not ever lie to your customers: 
Always convey true information about the product and services you are providing. Deceiving your customers will never help in develop long-lasting connect with them.

Do not get your site designed with auto-playing video and audio: 
Unless you do not belong to any musical background in either way, avoid auto-playing video and audio feature on your site.

Do not use internet lingo in your content: 
While writing content for your site, try to avoid the use of internet lingo. It reduces the reader’s interest.

Do not use tiny fonts: 
Many a times your website designer suggests you to use tiny fonts to highlight a particular paragraph of your content. But the fact is that your effort would bear no fruit because if a reader is not able to see the clear image of your content, he/she would hardly be interested in reading it anymore. Instead, highlighting particular portions of your content with base colors would be much more effective.

Do not ignore your readers: 
It is quite rude when once your brand or business starts getting enough interest from your readers that you become least bothered to reply to each of them. This may project certain level of negligence on your part toward your readers and it might degrade your Brand’s trust or interest amongst them. So always try to be in link and keep responding to appropriate queries.

These are some of the common malpractices which people often commit while maintaining and moderating their sites. I hope it was worth reading and helpful as well. Once you ensure that these practices are no longer prevalent in your website, you can expect gradual improvement in the positive buzz from your website’s user base and a much wider reach to potential audience owing to the website’s authenticity and credibility.


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Mohd Tarique

The author is a MBA graduate and a experienced Social Media Marketer who helps businesses and individuals to enhance their Web presence through the production of high Quality Website Content and to build clients business brand through social media management.