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548445_404603606279238_344733960_n-850x850Sudeep G. Samanta is a 20 year old entrepreneur, web developer and an international photoartist manager. He is the founder and CEO of Photodilse.

Sudeep started his career in the sector of information technology as the chief web designer of s2chem.com – a web based chemistry portal. S2chem.com was launched on July 1, 2012. A month after the launch of s2chem, Sudeep announced the launch of his web development company S&L Designers in partnership with his long time class mate and friend Shailesh Lad. S&L Designers has been designing and developing websites since October, 2012.

Sudeep’s next venture was Photodilse, pronounced photo-dil-se , which is an Indian web-based photo sharing website. Photodilse is known as the place where young photographers can share their work with others like them and also a number of professional photographers from India and abroad.

1)      You have made a smooth transition from student to entrepreneur at such a young age; tell me how did it all start?

 The transition you refer to was not easy at all. In fact to be really honest the transition never occurred completely which actually worked in my favour. The resilient will to learn science and at the same time the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur has always helped me to balance between my academics and entrepreneurship.

Talking about the beginning of Photodilse, it was not a result of a ‘Eureka Moment’. It was a casual thought which came to our (Myself and the co-founder of Photodilse Mr. Shailesh Lad) mind while having a casual conversation in our college canteen. It was a mere thought and had to be refined several times. Once we believed that the idea had enough potential we placed it in front of several photographer friends. Initially, they all loved the concept and agreed to contribute with their photographs. However, the agreement didn’t last long and most of them bailed out at the last moment leading to the delay in launch of Photodilse. We then decided to start it from scratch once again and finally the founding stone of Photodilse was laid. The actual website went online on 25th May, 2013 and has received a fabulous response ever since.

2)      What all businesses do you have and you look after currently?

Currently I and my company S&L Dezigners are designing and developing commercial websites but our flagship product remains to be Photodilse.com which has won several accolades ever since its inception about 10 months ago.

3)      What were the major challenged that you have faced in your entrepreneurial spree?

Challenges were many amongst which the financial hurdle was the most prominent one during the early days. Apart from this, it was an herculean task to make the photographers from around the world believe in our concept of free sharing of photo-art. Lack of prior experience in the field and an identity crisis in the market did not help either.

4)      What is the USP of your business?

Photodilse is one of its kind website in several ways. Unlike other websites it doesn’t just feature top photographers but we believe in sharing the work of amateurs. Most photography websites would reject the work of amateurs saying it wouldn’t meet their standards. We however, publish the art of enthusiastic and deserving photographers thus providing them an exclusive platform to share their talent at the international level.

Apart from the figures, the fact that we are creating a club of photographers is what gives us utmost pleasure. A community where a German photographer is mentoring and guiding a Delhi based amateur artist and an artist from Israel is sharing his work and gaining fans and followers from India and Indonesia.

5)      How have been financing till date and do you plan for investments?

Till date Photodilse has been a completely self-funded organisation. The money that we have raised by developing commercial websites has been used to maintain and develop photodilse.com. We are currently looking forward to sponsorships and funding for sustaining the website and launching our e-magazine this year. We would like to use this platform to appeal to our viewers to fund our organization in any possible form.

6)      What keeps you motivated?team

Motivation is a temporary spectacle that can only help a person for a short while. To be successful one needs to be inspired from within.

7)      What are your future plans?

Our short term plan remains to launch photodilse’s e-magazine during the course of this year. Also our sole goal remains to convert photodilse into a stock-photo company in the years to come.

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