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IMG_2309This boy from a small city called Bhagalpur located in Bihar has won “Paryavaran Ratna Award” by Indian Centre of Wildlife and Environmental Studies in South Asia for Save the Earth Program. Followed by many national awards like  Jr. Scientist by NCSTC Network wing of DST Govt. of India, GYES award, SAM UTH award, Youngest Author Award and many more in the list and he owns two start ups. Meet Nikky Jha here are few excerpts of his interview

Tell something about yourself?

I was born in 1995 in a middle class family at Bhagalpur,Bihar. I was just like any other normal kid who completed his 10th and 12th from Bhagalpur both with satisfactory marks and currently I am a 2nd year B.Tech student at GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida. Usually my classmate call me “scientist” , Nik, Hero etc but I feel I am like any other person.

 How it all started that you got such deep passion for research at such an young age?

The whole credit goes to my real Hero my Father “Sunil kumar jha” who is a senior physics teacher at Saint joseph’s School.He discovered the hidden talent in me which was of breaking and reconstructing  electronics gadgets and all other machine sort of stuff. So when I was in class 6th I took part in Science fair where with the help of my Dad I made “Five in one alarm” and a working model of small dam ; there I won the 1st prize and from there the fire of research and innovation increased in me tremendously. From I never looked back and I began to participate in science fairs all over the country. I actively participated in the science fair which was conducted by Vidya Bharti and also actively participated in National Children Science Congress conducted by NCSTC Network wing of Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. I was Awarded PARYAVARAN RATNA by Indian Centre of Wildlife and Environmental Studies in South Asia region for my contribution in Environmental Science. I was throughout School, District and State Topper in the Science Fair. Just after the completion of my 12th I published my first research paper on Utilization of Coal Ash in the ISSN Certified Journal and at that time I was only sixteen which made me youngest ever author whose research was published in that journal. I was awarded Jr. Scientist at the age of 14 by NCSTC Network wing of DST, Govt. of India. Till now I had attended 5 international science conferences and presented my research work in there technical sessions. I had published 6 Research paper till now in the various International Journals.

 Who is your role model and what are few of your major inventions?

My role model is Sir Thomas Elva Edison he is one of the greatest inventor holding more  than 1500 patents on his name, and the best part is he was an entrepreneur also his company General Electronics was one of the biggest company.  My major invention are as follows:-

  1. Hybrid cell phone charger-  A charger that can charge your phone without electricity, from all other alternatives of renewable energy source.
  2. Wearable medical Device  :-  A device that is can completely cure joint and body pain.
  3. Generation of Electricity from Ash and then after making the waste re usable by transforming the waste into complete damp proof cementitious like substances.

You have been working on wearable medical device. What is the concept behind it and how would it be beneficial?

Chronic bone and soft tissue pain is a very common clinical problem. It can be disabling in those who do not respond satisfactorily to analgesics or local steroids. Low frequency electromagnetic radiation has been used for centuries since the time of Paracelsus to control pain and treat number of disorders. My this work concerns with the development of wearable medical device by using Integrated circuits and other electronics components to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. The designed device is capable of generating static magnetic field and low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field by employing unipolar and bipolar magnets aligned with the same magnetic pole towards the skin, also it has special motors to deliver vibration of high frequency to the skin and deep tissue. Device works by delivering small pulse of electricity to the surface of body via multiple electrodes attached to the skin and also high and low frequency which has been used for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy (TENS). Low frequency TENS of 3 Hz will produce endorphins and Increase blood flow also it interrupts the transmission of nerve message to the brain thus relaxing pain. This way the designed device took a step towards non-invasive, low-risk nerve stimulation intended to reduce pain, both acute and chronic. The device was tested in terms of usability and feasibility the primary outcome measure was reduction in overall pain ranges from nil to severe. Also the device possess a big advantage overall is that it can be handled by person having limited technical skills.

 You are such a bright student still why you did not join IIT like many other engineering aspirants?

No doubt about this that I have been always a bright student as said by others but I does not feel like that. I appeared in JEE but I missed that by a very small gap of 3 marks the main reason was my research I focussed too much on my research and concentrated on the single subject and in that sub I scored good marks in JEE but to qualify there were other subjects too and I lost the balance. But everything happen for a reason and there should be some twist in the life because life going straight and always in favour of you is not the real life one should have bitter experiences also.

Both of us belong to the same place “Bhagalpur” which is a small town and lacks in resources unlike big metros, so in such a case how you were able to conduct all these research work?

Of Course Bhagapur is a small town which lacks in resources but “where there is a will always their is a way”  I managed to collect my stuff which were required for my project from the old electronics gadgets. My dad helped me and provided me appropriate guideline from where to get those stuff.Moreover, my School was also supporting me in managing some stuff.So, overall somehow i managed and collected the stuff that were required to successfully conducted my experiment.

 How have you managed funds for your research till date?

My college G.L Bajaj institute of technology and management in greater Noida is now helping me a lot. College economically gives support to my research and also provides me all types of apparatus which I require during my work. Specially I want to thank my Director Sir Dr. Rajeev Agrawal who not only helps me financially also supports me as a guide of my all research and always welcomes me for a sound discussion on all research. Also I would be thankful to all my faculty specially to Dr. Shashank Awasthi who supports me a lot in my research.

 How does it feel to achieve so much at such a young age?

It feels really nice when I get awarded for my work. Usually, I present my research work in the international conferences and there, I’m always recognized as the youngest author. Till now, I have attended five  international conferences, followed by many national conferences. Also, I was awarded the “Paryavaran Ratna Award” by Indian Centre of Wildlife and Environmental Studies in South Asia for Save the Earth Program. Followed by many national awards like GYES award, SAM UTH award, Youngest Author Award and many more in the list.  At the international conferences all the scientist usually pull my chick after completion of the demonstration  of my research so I feel energetic and wonderful.

What are your future plans?1459339_584551674944587_998697252_n

Just like my Idol Thomas elva Edison who has more than 1,500 patents. Like him, I will set up my own industry in the field of Electronics in India, so that we can give competition to countries like Japan and China. Setting industry in India will give a boost to it’s economy, and it will also erase unemployment. I want to see myself as a successful man, holding the world record of maximum number of published research papers. Also, I have the dream to represent my country at various international summits as a scientist.  I would like to do my further studies from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in U.S.

 About your startup’s and Book

My upcoming book is Miracle Minds basically book consists detail inspiring story of 15 undergraduate who are unique from their age group and all are hardly of 22 and in this short span of time they dared to find their own path. All the 15 are genius in their respective fields and they really love the work they do. They are passionate about their creativity. Their skills define them and their passion lead them to success. Book contains the detailed information about their daily habits, how they manage their time slot i.e. their daily routine apart from their studies and enjoyment. Their stories are amazing and it is far much inspiring to the teenagers who have some dream and facing hindrance to fulfill their burning desire, also the book contains the contact details of all the miracles so that readers can directly be in touch with them so that they can guide teenagers to develop India and helps in making country a superpower.
At the last but not the least their stories say that if you are fascinated and want to be on the top there is no hindrance of degree and money just one need the efforts and hard work.

My Startup’s: Webtech Villa:- Webtech Villa is the online magazine dedicated to innovation and Entrepreneurship (www.webtechvilla.com). Oasis Cay:- This is basically a student service provider  company(www.oasiscay.com)

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