Flipkart’s $ 210 million and the story beyond


Flipkart seems to be on making it big spree. Recent acquition of myntra followed by the raised amount of $ 210 million majorly from DST Global with participation from existing investors Tiger Global, Naspers, and Iconiq Capita shows Flipkart’s clear intention to invest, expand and make it big.socialproma

Although, they are not disclosing the way these funds will be used but it is sure that this will be utilized to strengthen the business operation, provide room to kill the small players and compete with big players like amazon or tomorrow even ebay can be the one as ebay has invested in snapdeal.

Whatever it is but it seems like Flipkart is getting all ready to face all upcoming challenges in the ecommerce market space while trying to fix on solid business model which can help them to come of out loss that the firm is still facing and also help them to grow as well as sustain.

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