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FMCWith travel constituting about 75% of the ecommerce space, with 70% of domestic flight bookings have moved to the online space, with 40% of International hotel booking having moved to online space, Nakul Bhatia had no option but to sit down and brain storm the next best bet in the online travel industry. The last mile, is what he chose, i.e. ‘in destination services & products’ & thus he came up with
Nakul says, 12 years in the travel industry has made me visit 20 countries & about 60 cities so far. Being a restrictive foodie, I prefer having Vegetarian meals just like 55% of the 15 million Indians who travel abroad & have limited choice over food. In fact 45% even change their destination if they cannot get satisfactory details about the food options, 50% carry packed foods with them. I have come over agents asking to arrange Indian meals or asking whether a particular night club is safe to visit or is it within their budget or willing to include a spa session in their package. Until now, travellers & travel agents had no option or very limited options of searching, planning & booking such ‘in destination’ services & products. Hence, birth of was more than essential as it will cater to both B2B & B2C segments.969372_240251952804380_1815775509_n simply helps one to search, plan & book his daily desires in the city he/she is traveling to. FMC not only provides the actual details of the venue with facilities, average cost, photos, reviews, ratings, menu but it also features a responsive map which allows the traveller to search the venue closer to his hotel or closer to where ever he/she is at that specific time. Therefore, if the person for example is visiting Dream World in Bangkok on 10th August during afternoon and wants to have his lunch at an Indian restaurant around that area then the map on FMC will show all of our partner restaurants around Dream World for him to choose. Apart from booking pre set meals, spa sessions & all we also provide Flat Discounts for travelers who do not wish to pre book & pre pay.
So guys form a small yet very important part of any one’s trip, therefore spending a few more bucks to be happy & relaxed would not make a dent in your pocket while travelling as against not knowing what to do & where to go once you are in the middle of your holiday.
Let’s forkmycity once !!
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