India again takes a Backseat for iPhone6 Availablity

iphone6The official website of Apple claimed initially that iPhone 6 will be released on September 26 and later they changed it to October 17. But now it looks like they are not ready to launch it on October 17 as well because the website has now removed the launch date and this scares me of the thought that will it take even more days, weeks or months for the iPhone to come to India.

Although, the actual reason behind such a decision is unknown till date but it looks like there could be availablity issues because Apple would never like to go out of stock that too just after launch. Apple has already started taking pre-order from US,UK, Australia, Canada,France,Germany,Hong Kong,Japan, Puerto Rico and Singapore from 12th September and it will start shipping after 19th September.

Apple has also kept China out of iPhone 6′s launch along with India. There were reports of production issues with iPhone 6 plus due to some supply chain issues which might have caused it to release the phone in limited quantities. As we all know Apple is very well known to make some real tough demands on its suppliers because it is very particular about its competitive point i.e designs, shapes, sizes and features. Speculations are being made that this might have lead to some supply chain issues.

Well, whatever it might be but it seems India will have to wait for long for the all new  iPhone 6.

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