Is Ipad Really Just Waste Of Money?

It’s a great device. We use it to check email, read books, browse the web, take notes. It’s no surprise to me that the iPad Air, which was just released last week, is expected to have sold about 3 million units over this past weekend.

Why? Here are 4  reasons why it is waste of money


It Is Just A Big Phone

I already have an iPhone. I use it constantly. In fact, I have had my data throttled every month since AT&T instituted their policy of slowing users down who use large amounts of data. The only difference between my iPhone and my iPad is that the screen is bigger on the iPad. Do I really want to carry around a device that is the same, only bigger? Absolutely not even a tiny little bit.

Not As Powerful As A Laptop

You have to compare tablets on both sides of the spectrum. They are a big phone with the same limitations as a phone, and against a laptop, they are a small laptop with more limitations. They beat the laptop in terms of convenience (with the possible exception of the MacBook Air – that thing is tiny). However, they lose in terms of power. The iPad 3 is pushing some pretty incredible specs, but it still cannot compete with the power of a fully fledged desktop or laptop.


This is not true of all tablets, as some of the Android ones are reasonably priced, but the main thing that prompted this rant is the announcement of the iPad 3, and that machine costs at least double what it should

Bad For Gaming

I will admit that video games look beautiful on an iPad screen, but who wants to hold a device that big as a video game controller? Playing Real Racing on the iPad gave me more wrist pain than any other video game I have ever played.

If you’re looking to improve productivity and increase sales, there are better ways to spend your money than just buying a bunch of iPads. Here are five examples.

1. Consider investing in better maps. The Google Maps Engine Pro, a new mapping tool, which will let your salespeople better identify prospects geographically using data from their CRM system and then…go to them!

2. Create a few key workflows. Many of my clients don’t take advantage of the workflow capability built into their CRM or ERP systems or even the “triggering” functionality in their SQL databases. Instead, they waste money on toys like iPads. Great companies have a few key workflows configured. Maybe every time a quote is sent a workflow notifies management and then reminds people when the quote is coming due.

3. Utilize web forms. A web form lets a prospect or a customer enter data on your website and that data automatically goes into your CRM or ERP system.

4. Setup three or four automatic reports.  He’s getting his key reports delivered automatically via email and then acting on them. Sales pipeline. Open quotes. Leads received. Salesman statistics, like calls made, appointments completed, proposals sent.

5. Invest in integration. What use is an iPad when your data is all over the place or if your people are entering the same information three or four times?


My point is to ignore the hype and don’t buy one just “because everyone else is.” (This goes for any purchase.) Instead, make sure that it will really serve a function for you that your smart phone and laptop don’t. Otherwise, as magical as it may be, it’s just an expensive toy.

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