Memilog: Preserve Your Memories

Memories are the most important and prized possessions in anyone’s life. They are one of those rarest things that resonate and echo every now and then. They do not have any particular time or space to shout out loud. It could be when you are sitting in a classroom or walking on a beachside or even on a busy working day. Though diary writing is still very prominent, a majority of time in a contemporary man’s world is utilized by social media. The need for personal space is at stake.

Memilog addresses this problem and provides it’s users a unique platform where a person can do online diary writing. Well the trump card is not yet out! Memilog is not just about writing but storing every single thing related to your special memoirs. Pictures, locations, sound and ‘search memory’are a few specialties from the special features spectrum.

Memilog aims to create a safe online diary for those who wish to store their memories away from the prying eyes of the world. Everything that is fed into the website by the user will be visible to him/her only. The add on of multimedia is another main attraction. The website allows people to write their events or memories and also add pictures, audios, locations. You can search for a particular memory in case you forget the date of the event. Also , you can also create a “Memory List”wherein they can organise the memories according to its genre. This feature helps the users segregate the memories into groups e.g., Office, Friends, Family, etc.

With the website being launched on May 31st the company has already started their epic journey. Over 400 users of this online diary and 900 memories already written, Memilog has already started taking a soft corner in the lives of people.


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