My Football Worldcup Tracker: Watch FIFA on the Go

FootballThe Fifa world Cup has started and the fever has caught the entire world. As the saying goes every four years the world has a single time zone.

As a avid football fan would love to watch all the matches. However due to the late night timings, it is practically impossible for a working individual to watch all matches . Thus we are forced to watch a selected matches. However setting time and alarm is a very tough job.

That’s when came the thought of making a app that lets you schedule the matches that you want to watch at a go and the system sets alarm notification for them. Thus you don’t have to look at internet everyday and set alarm for the matches that we want to watch. The timings are shown in local timezone so a person from any country will see the match timings in their time zone.

The My World Cup Tracker allows users to select the matches that they want to watch and schedule a alarm. So no more worries of missing matches as the Alarm will be set even before the competition has started.It also shows group standings and scores of the matches that you might have missed.

Thus we  have an app that helps us follow the world cup and ensure that we don’t miss out on watching the top matches. Be Prepared and enjoy the matches. No more crying and missing Amazing Goals from Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, The free-kicks of Pirlo, Oscar or the crazy defending of Luiz :)

Download the app from your play store or click here.

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