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Siva Paturi, a technology management professional with over 16 years of experience in Consulting, Product Management & Analytics and Shikha Kapoor an IIT graduate together are trying to solve the problem that keeps bugging us often in our day to day life. Siva and his wife moved to India from the US 7 years. But like many other people who shifts to a new city, even they faced immense trouble settling in a new city and country, trying to find reliable, good quality and trustworthy service providers like drivers, plumbers, electricians, caterers, fitness instructors etc. Once, Siva discussed this with Shikha while a casual talk and that very moment Shikha very well related to this  because even she faced the same issue  when she moved to Bangalore about 6 years back. Most of  her friends and colleagues who migrated from other cities have had similar experiences to share, especially about their initial few months or years.Recently, she’s been having a harrowing time trying to find reliable drivers for her 59 year old father in her hometown. Hence, both of them strongly felt that this problem needs to be solved using technology. Even though it was a hard problem to solve, some one was required to solve it, and they themselves decided to be the change. Thus, the idea of MySahay was born.

The vision of MySahay is to ” simplify the painful process of looking for appropriate professionals for busy urban customers like us”  (hence the name – MySahay is everyone’s trusted assistant to find reliable quality services.) Not just this, they intend to give providers from this un-organized sector an avenue to showcase their skills and earn based on their performance, thereby helping to organize this sector using technology.

MySahay is trying to solve the problem that has tremendous social value. MySahay has the potential to be a game changer for Indian households and it can create employment opportunities to thousands of service providers as long as they are honest and ready to provide reliable service.It is the first global platform in the B2C space to come out of India and there is a huge need for a similar platform in several developing countries.


MySahay uses a combination of open source and commercially available technologies to build a reliable, secure, robust and scalable platform.  They are developing algorithms for search , recommender systems, performance based compensation and security.  They are building a set of mobile applications on android platform and will work on iOS next. They are in talks to partner with corporates and apartment societies to  build trusted communities of providers and customers for Sahay. Also, they are working on partnering with service specific provider agencies, and help them also grow using our technology.

Apart from the founders they have a team of engineers who are students/alumni of various IITs, NITs, and University of Michigan. Also, Shree Madhavapeddi an ex-Microsoft employee and currently the founder of Sprio,  a Mobile company in the Sports Management area is the mentor of MySahay. They plan to launch first in Hyderabad and Bangalore over next couple of months and later  expand to all metros in India within the next 6-8 months, and go global within a year of launch. So next time you need any such service, please go and fetch it on

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