Nokia Now With Android


The Finnish cellphone giant Nokia, notoriously known for its Symbian OS and its aversion to switching to Android, is soon to change this illusion. Reports say that in the upcoming Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona a fortnight from now, Nokia will reveal its Android based phone. It will not have the key features of Android like the Google Playstore, but it will be like an Android version of its Asha models.

In September 2013, Microsoft announced that for $7.4 billion, they will buy Nokia’s mobile division and all its pertaining patents. After this announcement, Nokia left all the R&D relating to its software development and decided to concentrate only on the Windows platform.

In a relating news, Satya Nadella replaced Steve Ballamer as the CEO of microsoft. In such times, it is unorthodox to make such a big move, but it will also show what Satya is capable of and see how he can boost up the sales for Nokia and by extension, Microsoft.

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