An interview is that one thing which every person has to face in tis competitive era of pick up and carry jobs. Why do I call it “pick up and carry”. Well the inevitable and mind boggling fact lies that job hunt is more of getting the most paid than looking for a job that gives you maximum satisfaction. Under such grim circumstances where an interview can let you touch heights it is very essential for a person to be able to perceive and prepare themselves as per the needs of the interview.

All experts and technical gurus emphasize on the same basic parameters for being a successful one at the interviews- clear, confident, smiling, to be able to present yourself at your best and most importantly drive your ideas across to the interviewer in a manner that they can’t deny the look through into hiring you for their requirements. “Job fit” and ”Organization fit” are the two words that make you irresistible for them. Now how do you practice for these interviews the new gen way?

Gone are the days when standing in front of the mirror and speaking interests the young gen for making them confident and not everyone has the patience or the carry through to practice at live interviews every now and then. When you get rejected at an interview it makes you fall down leaps and bounds on confidence and parameters that could otherwise have been interesting. So the new gen way that I am going to present before you is far more interesting and the effects stupendous.

If I asked you all as to how many of you liked to date someone? Mind you am not talking of any serious relationships or love blooming affairs or scandalous enquiries. No boss!! If you are the sensitive types who does not have emotional control you better not try this at home. But if you think that you can handle yourself well a good date can help you prepare for your interview. The fact that the idea sounds weird is true but yes that’s one of the best one of the best ways to learn to present yourself.

The fact is that facing a new person on a date is similar to presenting yourself at the interview in front of people you don’t know but ones you would want to impress. The following key driver points would affirm your belief in the same:

  1. Excitement – Well, many people undermine this. But being excited about your interview is actually a good thing. It gets you on your toes and you feel fresh with all the beta waves of your brain being ready to face the challenge. It gives you confidence beyond measure and the sparkle in your eyes. Just the kind of sparkle you get when you need to tell someone about yourself and the sparkle that you carry when your heart feels good. The same excitement you feel when you are getting ready for a date or choosing your dress. The beta waves reflect the following:

Beta waves reflect:

  • Alertness
  • Concentration
  • Cognition

2. Presentation – The best in you comes out in front of the other gender and this prepares you for an interview in a number of ways. People meaning you and me are more often than not conscious in front of the other gender and that consciousness can be positively redirected by keeping yourself ready to throw in case any weird questions are shot at you. When you are ready to face that situation in your date you know already as to what part of your needs to be revealed at its best and what part needs to be left attended to at the time being till the other person is ready to accept your imperfections very much like you would want the company agents recruiting you knowing the best of your skills while covering up your in competencies.

3. Body Language – The way you would present yourself with grace at the outset of first meeting your date the same kind of a confident, gracious and carry is required to present yourself well poised and good looking. The best example is how you sit, stand, get up and move around is the best part that comes across in an interview. The confident dating guy or girl knows very well to make oneself comfortable and not pulling up their dress or rolling up their sleeves at the wrong time.

4. organizing yourself – With the very outset of the interview starting as a shocker like a stress interview or when the interviewer has had a boring session so far and feels like playing with you it’s very important that you are ready to re compose and re organize yourself the same as it happens when you are with a date and an awkward question shoots up. It may be even the breaking of your shoe or sandal on the way or to do away with a wardrobe malfunction.

5. Smile and Style – As the interviews can range from short, sweet, simple takes to patient, long waiting complicated interviews it is extremely important to carry your smile and style from the first to the last round. As on a date you be at your best, despite at times having to order dishes that you don’t like and talk good about it, or having to wait at a terminal in the scorching sun or to keep paying around thinking of the size of the hole you draw in your wallets or pockets you are drawing to make this special. In the similar fashion it’s about carrying that smile and style all around.

 It certainly keeps you not only well prepared rather well organized and well accustomed, especially if someone form the opposite gender is encountered upon. The attitude and confidence of an individual is very well reflected under pressure scenarios if he is exposed to such a situation because you are used to being at your best the usual way. Also, the situation can move as per your choice as you can drive your way through the whole interview. The same as you already feel the next question from a new person you are trying to impress. The comfort factor is a little different in both the cases but nonetheless it is much evident that people dating have a much better chance of being successful at it.

Priyo Ranjan (21 Posts)

The author is an ex-employee of Infosys and he is currently pursuing MBA from Xavier’s Institute Of Social Service (XISS).