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Price-hunt is a price comparison and product discovery site with a vision to simplify and enhance online shopping.  The site mainly aims at enabling consumers to compare prices at their convenient time and without moving around in shops. It is a one-stop comparison website where an online shopper can compare the prices quoted by various trusted eCommerce vendors. It searches from over 20+ credible online portals and over 500+ brands and fetches the best deal within seconds, thus saving lot of manual time of doing price comparison. It helps people easily find ‘what to buy’ and ‘where to buy from’ and helps them make better and wiser purchases.

1.How did Price-Hunt start and why?

Ans: Price-Hunt is an online price comparison website which evolved from an idea when we personally faced a difficulty while buying a product online. We were searching for a mobile online but had to visit several stores separately to discover the best price and finally decide upon from which merchant to buy the product from. We wished if there was a site which could bring prices from all these stores together for a quick comparison and help us make better and wiser purchases. This is when the idea was brainstormed and eventually conceptualized into a business model.

The parent company “Excel Technologies” has recently launched the stable version of its website. The company was running the beta version of the same since commencing operations in May 2013 and the stable version was under development and continuous testing. The company is founded by Sh. Anupam Khurana (Managing Partner and technical Head) supported by Ms Palka Khurana (Marketing Head).

2. What makes Price-Hunt different?

Ans: is an online price search engine with real time search as a distinguishing feature. It presents the user/shopper with current prices across various credible online stores. In the market , there is a dearth of price comparison sites which provide the data and most of them have either outdated or expired products.  “Indian consumers are very price conscious and we want to help them in terms of best price and product selection,” says Anupam Khurana, Co-founder and Director, Research team gives shoppers all the tools needed to make an informed buying decision, including product reviews, specifications, features, price tracking chart and offers and coupons and of course, the best price of any product.

3. What is the revenue model?

Ans:  The site has an affiliate link-ups with various online stores either direct or through intermediate affiliate marketing networks. The revenue model is primarily affiliate commission through the customers we send to the appropriate store. After the transaction is complete, it gets a commission from the partner website. Advertising as a revenue source is not our preference.

4. Targeted audience?

Ans: Online shopper of any age group is the targeted audience. The site mainly aims at enabling consumers to compare prices at their convenient time and without moving around in shops. Quick comparison, accurate data , product reviews, price tracking chart, specifications and detailed features of all products makes the site a must-go for an online shopper.

5. What is the potential of growth?

Ans: Online shopping is gaining momentum and has bright future prospects with an increasing number of people opting to do shopping from the convenience of their home or office. has an average visitor count of about 2 lakh per month and we have a long way to go. The source of traffic is mainly Google organic and social network referral for the time being.

6. Future plans:

Ans: would like to be the top price search engine for India in next 2 years and among the top price comparison sites in the world in next 5 years. We plan to go international once we establish strong foothold in India.

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