SaddaHaq Power Play To Helps First Time Voters

lp_logoSaddaHaq’s “Power Play” is an Android application that is designed to help first time voters (FTVs) get acquainted with Indian politics and politicians. In a research that SaddaHaq conducted across many colleges in the country, it was learned that a lot of FTVs do not have enough political knowledge to make an informed decision in the elections.
A lot of information about politics and politicians is available on the Internet. However, this information is not easily “accessible” to the FTVs. FTVs usually belong to the age group of 18-22, and their lifestyle, as SaddaHaq researched, involves a lot of games and social networking.
So, the firm went on creating a solution to fit in politics and political information into the lifestyle of the FTVs. They simplified the information about politicians and condensed the information set into a social game. For the first time ever, political education will happen through gaming.
Power Play is based on the notion of trump cards. It has a set of cards, each card dedicated to a sitting Member of Parliament or a Lok Sabha contestant in the 2014 General Elections. The exact number of the cards will keep growing as new nominations are filed for the 2014 General Elections.
A card captures information about a politician such as his/her political party, constituency, educational background, attendance in Parliament — if applicable, number of questions asked in the House and the number of criminal cases registered against the member/candidate. A user can browse through all the cards, search through them or compare the information.safe_image
To enhance the usability of this info, they created a social game based on these cards. The game can be played in two modes — Single Player Mode (SMP) and Multi Player Mode (MPM). In SMP, the user plays the game against the smartphone. The game starts with the user selecting a deck of cards.
A deck may be the entire collection of cards or a smaller deck created by the user using filters, for instance, a deck of cards with only BJP candidates. Once a deck is selected, it will be distributed between the user and the phone. The challenge for the user is to earn all the cards back, one after the other, from the phone.
In MPM, a user can play the same game with his/her friends or a random player. The game can be played among up to 8 players. For any player to win the game, he/she must win the cards from all the other players in the game. A user will win a card if a certain parameter on his/her card — education, for example — is better — in case of education, higher — than the same parameter on all the other players’ cards.
Here’s a link to the app in the Google Play Store –

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