Sixth level of differentiation- ‘Standing out during festivals’


Festivals, the little sparkling pearls of joyous moments – a time some people spend for building bonds, a time few others spend for meeting loved ones, and the most important part of the festival which adds life to it- shopping. Festivals- this is the time when people decide and choose more often than not to extra clean their homes and replace the old stuff with the new stuff or buy more new stuff. This is the time when all demands are readily fulfilled, a time when the elders are convinced to buy stuff they would be ignoring otherwise for long.

With the unwavering spirit of the festive season comes a great opportunity in disguise- the opportunity to do good business, the opportunity to help enough people be happy, the opportunity to make people believe in their choice and get close to them whether it be as product manufacturers or suppliers or people delivering services. You add that extra gust of happiness.

As a marketer I don’t think it needs any great effort during the festive season to do this. All you need to ensure is to add a genuine smile that touches their hearts and that you can do only if you get to be a part of their lives and help them in whatever small way you can to make their festival special. It can be in the form of discounts, offers, gift vouchers, services etc. But that has been the way it has gone through till now.

Hasn’t it been like this since a long time? People want something different now. They are craving for it and we need to give them something that makes them feel special and privileged. While the range of products vary widely it is almost impossible to chalk out one single strategy for all the class of products so I choose to concentrate particularly on a range of products such that it meets the requirements of the feasible idea.

Well, as a person if I tell you that I am going to help you get famous, would you deny it? Would you not like to be known and admired? Well to be known is something that people love and especially in a country like India. Not to beat around the bush too much well that’s the idea. We help people get famous during festivals and pull the crowd with grapevine communication and little advertising.

Now that the context is set, let me introduce you to this simple yet highly effective idea. As a differentiating factor in this festive season we can give the customers the benefit of appearing in the advertisements and billboards in the city if they purchase the given product offerings. As an add-on to this, the customers can also be given the privilege to be a part of the social media campaign of the company which might show them as being a part of the community using the product or as a smart user providing feedback on the product quality, offerings and service to the rest of the world. This is highly effective and would pull crowd as soon as it is implemented in the first level.

People, most of them have the tendency to get themselves known around for what they are and what they have and this could prove a really useful and key point in the marketing and sales context. People want to get gregarious and one of the best ways to do that is to get themselves known by the things they use. It could range from the paint they use to color their homes, to the car they posses or to the furniture in their homes. It is of course not exhaustive to all the products but nonetheless has a number of benefits as follows:

Cost Effective

It is extremely cost-effective as the amount to print a flex could be easily organized and maintained for a fixed period of time let us say 2 months or so before it is changed. The cost can be accommodated at the discount cost right now provided. The customers could choose from the available time slots or the area  available where it is put up as per their wish which would make it even more exciting as earlier you book your car of the new make you could be a part of the new owner’s community who gets famous. This can be accommodated as a part of the online social media as well.

Something new to look forward to

People are bored of the same discounts and they have lost significance as they get the same discounts all through the year in some way or the other, some site or the other, some shop or the other. But this idea is new. It is extremely new and people are going to love it. After all – “Neighbor’s envy owner’s pride” still holds good today.

Grapevine communication makes it self-marketed

Another interesting parameter of the idea of discussion is the fact that people would spread the idea out themselves and also the posters, the billboards and the social media sites would force people to look forward towards the whole thing which would be new and different.

Pictures speak 1000 times what words can communicate

It is rightly indicative of the fact that pictures would make people associate themselves and feel in shoes of the man in the picture in front of them.

Till today just that this common touch was being used in advertisements but when people get to know that this is really a common man or family out there from amidst them who is expressing his opinion, the context, the occasion and the strategy would be perfect.

Last but not the least the effectiveness of the idea completely depends on its implementation, the genuinely undertaken efforts, the projection and the product offering that the company can sincerely organize and arrange that would add value to the whole idea of a different marketing strategy this festive season.

Happy festive season…!!

Priyo Ranjan (22 Posts)

The author is an ex-employee of Infosys and he is currently pursuing MBA from Xavier’s Institute Of Social Service (XISS).