download (1)The spark that lights in your mind, the excitement it brings, the hope it generates and the passion it builds is what makes that glow of an idea so special and different. Have you met that one individual who seemed so fanatic about an idea, one who left his mind to wander into creative and weird pursuits? You, probably have then met an entrepreneur- a person who believes in seeing open eyed dreams and has the will power and risk taking ability to accomplish them.

They go that extra mile to create things out of the box, enter into risky situations, stay ready for facing all sorts of adversities and from the scratch build a tower of hopes just like a tower of cards made from a pack of cards each card carefully and well placed. This room of swaying establishments makes them endure physical, mental and emotional turmoil and sacrifices and what comes out at the end of it all varies from legendary companies to failed ventures.

The mere imagination of having to loose so much after investing the chuck of efforts cannot be explained in words. The feelings are so grim and situation becomes so grave that it would break a person’s heart. But, then as Thomas Edison- the one who invented bulbs said upon his failures- “I have not failed. I have just found 10000 ways that won’t work.”

That explains the spirit of an entrepreneur. The unwavering spirit of pursuit- the pursuit to pursue and think. Thinking is one thing we all do. But thinking differently or thinking creatively or rather thinking in the right direction is what makes all the difference. Again as per Thomas Edison-“Five percent of the people think ; ten percent of the people think they think; and the remaining eighty five per cent would rather die than think.” Thinking consistently needs an essence of pursuit and this pursuit of managing how you think makes you go that extra mile.
What else can you best describe about the passion of a pursuit?? The burning desire to turn your dream into reality is one passion that burns down right to the heart of an entrepreneur.

But it’s equally important to understand the need for this pursuit. The fact that an entrepreneur needs to drop that idea which does not fit so practically in the real world is one thing that gives them the urge to try it to the bottom and while no one understands the nights and days they spend to work in order for their plans to materialize, they make an exceptional effort, show case an extra ordinary metal that changes the perception of the world.

It could be in the form of slogging to get an angel investor to hear their ideas, or to the plans they draw up. Steve Jobs when built the new operating system and when IBM and Intel ruled the markets nobody ever believed that a new operating system would compete against such giants would be built and made by a college drop out. His dressing sense was questioned when he put on that hoodie and those sneakers to set the stage in front of the world people called it “Not so corporate!” and alas today he stands at the brink of innovation and his company aims innovation to the core. He believed and he pursued. He stood by his dreams, his thoughts, his dreams, worked out examples beyond words could describe

The Indian IT giant Infosys is a brilliant example of such pursuit. A mixture of pursuit of hard work, determination, mental strength of the co-founders of Infosys, a company started in an apartment in Pune tells us more than just of its success story. The people behind these exceptional stories of entrepreneurs are equally and more than credible in helping up and keeping the pursuit of these people.

The sacrifices made by the families of these entrepreneurs who literally put down everything at stake to get that one chance to make a difference lies exemplified as history. We cannot even imagine putting ourselves into those shoes and if we do the feeling, the anxiety, the stress, the-everything at stake feeling and the commitment would blow us off into saluting these epitomes of entrepreneurs.

Just imagine you having to lose all you got and the chance of hitting at the jackpot being mere so nominal. When you look at the umbrella of entrepreneurs you would find yourself getting lost and the success ratios are pretty low. The number of start-ups being huge and the fall downs being high it is but an exceptional ability of risk and return equations that you have to put forth and still if you convince yourself to do it the chance of being able to continue it till the end requires something merely beyond words.

When Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook could struggle to find that one differentiating factor of the social urge of people to be known, to create an environment wherein they could be known and let themselves be known is an example of how trivial things could range from and how the pursuit of an individual can build an empire beyond imaginations.

The most played sport in the world is full of such examples. You can always compare them to the entrepreneur’s touch of passion and perseverance. When Southampton in 3 seasons got promotions from 3rd tier of the Premier League to the 1st tier no one believed that such under dogs could compete with the best teams in the world. But, someone believed was it their manager Mr. Brendan Rodger or the players who worked out that belief is an example of exceptional skills of pursuit being exhibited.

When Chelsea won the 2004-05 season under their manager Mr. Joseph Mourinho it was an exceptional skill of a manager and the pursuit of the team that did it. I quote these examples not favoring teams or nations but setting forth examples of pursuit. The success stories just follows up, be it for these teams who performed exceptionally or for that entrepreneur who like these player gives out his best to accomplish and make his dreams come true.

Pursuit is one such accomplishment which is a late paymaster but when it pays it makes up for all the trouble you took to set forth on the journey tagged “impossible” by most others. Such is the quality that it can be deemed above an Intelligence Quotient cause intelligent people also sometimes fail to make the end but the power of pursuit makes one so rugged down the road that he eventually learns and learns and comes victorious in the end.

Priyo Ranjan (21 Posts)

The author is an ex-employee of Infosys and he is currently pursuing MBA from Xavier’s Institute Of Social Service (XISS).