Banner for fbFor a country that is busy with the pre poll heat as the election approaches, VOTEBOX became an  extra dose of energy for people to express their opinion about their candidates ahead of the 16th Lok Sabha Election. IGLOO’s VOTEBOX became the first to provide a new campaign approach in India by introducing an application running on smartphones which helps public to view, provide opinion and know who is apt for the country. Through Votebox you can be part of the political barometer for the coming elections.

IGLOO INNOVATIONS PVT LTD, introducing VOTEBOX (available in Google Play Store & Apple App Store) as an online voting tool that engages public with the latest news, social activities, promotional activities, campaigning videos conducted by each political parties in India. The app characterizes Indian Polling System through Opinion Polls. Public can choose a party of their choice to present their own opinion and to compare with general public trends through mock-up vote. For this we provide database of each and every candidate participating all over India.
Since Votebox characterizes Indian Polling System, security measures are taken to provide genuine public results. User can vote a candidate only once through their mobile, but can view opinion poll results of all candidates across India.

The polling system will be closed 48 hours before the Lok Sabha Election starts and the final result of actual election will be published through app after Election Commission releases it. So user can get every updates on the go. Apart from opinion polls, Votebox features promotional page and services as an awareness program to know about the importance of vote. Promotion page shows videos and news related to election and campaigns conducted by parties and other social videos that represents nation. A notification message will be passed day before the election to all users as a service requesting to vote with phrases and quotes that inspire them for voting. To focus social media, application is integrated with Facebook and Twitter to give maximum exposure and maximum reach.

Being India’s first mobile voting app, Votebox strongly conveys a message that the concept of ‘Vote On The go’ is not far from now by conducting future elections through smartphones. Screenshot_2014-04-02-00-07-49


  •  Latest updates on national and provincial constituencies.
  •  Provides list of all Major parties and their candidates in India.
  •  Shows promotional videos and campaigning of party candidates.
  • Opinion Poll allows user to vote the parties of their choice.
  • Get all the recent news, events and videos representing election.
  • Graphical poll results based on public opinion.
  • Notifications to users before and after main Election.
  • Up-to-date results of main election right from the time of result announcements.
  • Pleasing user interface with easy navigation and controls.
  • Apart from all these features, we promote “Go Green” concept by planting trees for every 100 votes from the app.

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