Voting Line: An App For Users To Vote

Voting_Line_Android_AppVoting line is a very interesting mobile app, that is available on all 3 leading mobile platforms. Using Voting line users can register themselves with app, and vote for their choice of political party.

Voting Line, allows one to do real time analysis of how various parties are trending, which parties are getting more percentage of vote and mind share. Using Voting line one can do various other types of analysis such as trends across various education groups, income groups, cast and religious groups. This is real time in nature and all the voting that is done by app users is used to present the voting trends. One need not have to wait for opinion polls, they can use the app and see real time trends, and vote for their choice of party.

 On March 7th by Monocept, a Hyderabad based company focused on Problem solving and bringing engineering excellence to its customers launched Voting lines headed by Gangadhar.

It is for people who are interested in politics, current affairs and understand how people are voting. People interested in analyzing various trends, like “Which economic group is voting for which party”, or “which caste/religion is voting for which party”, similarly many other such analysis are possible.

 As you understand Indian election is a complex system, there are various possibilities in terms of how people choose to vote, and it is equally difficult to go and analyze various trends. On a mobile platform providing various trends, reports and presenting all sorts of information in a nice way that user can use and analyze is a definite challenge, and what we have been able to do is consolidate all such complex information and analyze and bring all of this in mobile platform.Another was to develop native app for all 3 platforms, and this would have been costly, they did native app for windows phone, but used technologies like phonegap to have common source code for iPhone and Android, saving time and costs.However bringing Native capability using phonegap technology was not easy!!
They are now seeing about 100 downloads per day since we have published in media, before that it was 25-50 downloads per day. So,install the app from store, register yourself with app, you are all set to analyze India trends. You can vote to party of your choice and influence the trends in real time.

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