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imagesElection fever is everywhere in the country, every citizen is keen on knowing the political talks happening around. Right from television to newspapers, social media to blogs everyone is debating politics. IPL is a second talk; everyone is hooked on to television to know if their favorite political party will get a chance to rule India over next five years.

The Election this time are different, they are fought in a world obsessed with Mobile Phones. Same way Election analysis no more has to wait for a news channel to collect the samples, process and publish the results on much hyped news broadcast. Now all the analysis is available at your fingertips on a game changing mobile app.  Voting Line is a Mobile App that not only blends design and usability but also analyzes how various parties are trending, which parties are getting more percentage of vote and mindshare. You can generate thousands of reports using the app and interpret the voting trends. Voting Line is available to you on all leading mobile platforms.

Voting Line App allows users to vote online using their mobile phones for their favorite political parties. The app allows the users to follow real time analysis and trends of the political atmosphere across India with data that has been fed by genuine user feedback.  The app enables the user to analyze and follow the trends of the elections based on various groups such as Age, Gender, Religion, State and Area etc. Users can view the trend analysis round the clock and can change their vote of favor any number of times.

We see huge business opportunity with Voting Line, “Going forward, the app can also be used by soap operas, reality shows and sports like cricket to engage audience and voting.”  Voting Line plans to monetize the platform by offering it to players in the above segments. Manav Gaur founder and CEO Monocept say, “Voting Line is not just an app but a platform to seek opinions of the citizens and analyze the voting trends in real time. We created this app to have a fair opinion of the citizens by enabling them to cast their vote without being manipulated midway. We hope that everyone will have fun using this app.”

About Monocept

Monocept is a Software Development Company that provides Enterprise & Enterprise Mobile Applications solutions. It builds large-scale web and cloud enterprise applications and also user-friendly mobile applications optimized for all major platforms such as iOS, Android & Windows Phone.

Founders of Monocept are former Microsoft engineers with a clear objective of providing engineering excellence as a service. In its business of Enterprise and Enterprise Mobile Application development, the team has been working with a set of large US based clients.

Some of the Mobile applications that have reached huge download numbers include Lost My Wallet, IRCTC SMS Booking, Tell Me, ConsoleKit, ConsoleKit Library, Bill Payer and Auto Responder.

You can download the app here:  iOS, Windows, Android

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