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With the revolution of technology and advanced search options it calls for a lot of patience to search for your Untitledfavourite track and that too when it’s the one which you got on the back of your head and just can’t seem to find it. WooMe app is here to help you, the Indian SHAZAM.


WooMe is a ‘Sound Recognition’ App, which listens to the TV Program, Movie Trailer or Song you are watching and brings you exclusive content such as behind the scene videos, pictures, Contest, Trivia, Vote/Poll, News etc. Sound Tag, all the latest Bollywood promos and songs with WooMe to get Exclusive Hot Video, Pics & More…WooMe Sound Recognition is enabled on all latest Bollywood Movie Trailers, Songs and the TV channels given below. It has a 7 day Interactive TV program guide for 100+ channels..WooMe is the Ultimate Social Network for TV & Movie buffs.

What’s New?

  • Automatic Sound Recognition on Bollywood trailers and songs
  •  Automatic Sound Recognition on TV channels
  • 7 Day Interactive TV Program Guide for 100+ channels
  • Content aggregation on each of the programs on all TV channels.
  • Live TV Chat & Social Interaction
  • Social Feed to know what your friends Watch, Like & Share
  • Live Chat feature for every TV program and Bollywood Movie

How it works

Registration with us is mandatory in order to be able to use the basic features of the application. You can register to WooMe with Facebook or Twitter credentials. Your WooMe user account can be linked to one Facebook account and one Twitter account. You will have to login to Facebook if you want to share anything on Facebook through WooMe. If you want to post any Tweets from WooMe yourself, you’ll need to log in to Twitter. Twitter may also ask you to log in to view some Tweets within WooMe. You should only need to do this once – after that, you’ll have full access to all Tweets. There are options to log out of Facebook or Twitter in the settings section of WooMe as well. To access the live chat feature any one of the credentials are required.

What is the magic with WooMe?

Sound Tag what you are watching – WooMe will recognize the TV programme or Advertisements you are watching and push the relevant content to you. Get the free WooMe app from the Android and iOS app stores and interact and engage with TV and fans in real time. Take the WooMe tab and click on listening while watching TV and watch the magic. There are hundreds of national and regional TV channels in India. It’s a complex task to provide the rich metadata and related information which bring you a great TV experience, so we got started with the most popular national channels. We’ll look to add additional providers and channels based on your feedback – so if there are any particular channels we’re missing, please let us know. You can always leave us a review on Google Play and Apple App Store or write to us directly [email protected]


Social TV experience using WooMe

  • You will get second-by-second information around what’s playing on TV.
  • See what your friends are watching, and invite them to watch with you.
  • Chat, Share and Tweet about shows, songs etc.
  • Get information on virtually anything talked about on TV or Bollywood Gossip.
  • Get Exclusive Videos, Images for TV shows and Movies.
  • Play while watching, take part in Contests and Polls.
  • Get instant offers to buy products you see on screen

Chat Features & Community







The app is a new entrant in the huge mobile app market with competitors like SHAZAM catering to the audience. But the app is promising and interface is user friendly. With the advancement of technology and wide spread usage of smartphones WooME promises a lot more. So take the first step download and WooMe.

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