World’s Smallest Fridge

World's Smallest Fridge

World’s Smallest Fridge

Nikky Jha, a student of second year engineering has invented the world’s smallest fridge. Yes, this small fridge with length 6cm, breath 4cm and height 8cm is portable and can be used for storing vaccines, medicines etc.

Nikky recalls that the idea originally generated at an award function named SAM(Science Art and Management) AWARD at SRM University Chennai where he was nominated as the awardee . There he met amazing people and among them there was a SAM Fellow named Biswa Pratap Jena who was a snake catcher. While walking Nikky asked him a question that do you carry anti-toxin vaccine with you when you are out for such a dangerous work? He replied that there is no such system via which he can carry anti-toxin vaccine to such places.  Suddenly, an Idea struck Nikky’s mind that why not make a fridge that will carry only 2 or 3 vaccine.

 Nikky googled for such a fridge but there was no such system and thus he started working on the design from that very day and on the same day he made a design on the Dinner Table of SRM University.  There all the SAM Fellow, Awardee and Speaker were having their meals and Nikky was making the design on the Tissue Paper by a pen borrowed from his  friend Sheila Ann Smith(Famous Canadian Singer).

This fridge works on rechargeable battery, electric supply and on Solar energy also. It consists of specially designed heat sink that can store water and circulate water all over the system and causing system to cool down. The heat is expelled to the nature through special exhaust fan that is attached to Heat sink. The entire system works on opposite of seeback effect.

The major benefits that this small fridge brings are as follows:IMG_2309

  1. Small in size
  2. Cheaper than all available fridge
  3. Portable
  4. Lots of medical application
  5. Works on relatively low power
  6. Works on Renewable source of energy
  7. No environmental pollution sorts of Problem
  8. Can be placed anywhere ie in car in first aid kit etc..
  9. No technical skills require to operate a layman can easily operate it.
  10. Long Life.

Nikky says that “my intentions behind making this “POCKET FRIDGE-The smallest Fridge” was not just to make money or to be popular. I made it for a noble cause so as to help the people who need to carry and port vaccinations, insulin or rather in first aid boxes for quick supply of drugs or anti venoms . It is basically targeted for the middle class society of our country who can easily afford this as it is quite pocket friendly. I hope this product does a bit what I think it can do for the society”.

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